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I don't know what you saw...

I want somebody who sees me.

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I write mostly about my life, sometimes about my interests, sometimes about fleeting obsessions. I'm a children's librarian in a public library, and let me tell you, it's awesome. Everything I dreamed it would be. And yet...still mundane and mind numbing at times. How is that possible?

I read a lot. Internet-things, book-things. Mostly YA novels and picture books. Picture books are amazing; if you've foresaken them, go back and pick up some good ones. Ooh, also middle grade nonfiction. That stuff is where it's at.

I don't have a friending policy, but basically, if you write coherently and don't make 13 short posts a day, I'd be happy to have you on my flist. I friend people whose posts I want to read, so if I show up on your friends-of one day, don't feel pressure to add me back! Though obviously, that would be awesome.

I'm warbrarian on Dreamwidth. If I were ever to complete something fiction-y, that's where I'd post it.
alice in wonderland, ambiguous morality, ani difranco, anne carson, antigone, backstreet boys, ballroom dancing, being nosey, boyband slash, buffy the vampire slayer, cartercest, chakotay/paris, cheesey love songs, children's librarianship, clark kent, clex, cranium, criminal minds, crushes, daffodils, dawson's creek, deep thought, degrassi: the next generation, democracy, discussions, english, fantasies, felicity, feminism, femslash, fiction, fiona apple, foxfire, gabrielle, girllove, glass walls, gone with the wind, greek mythology, herculanium, historical fiction, homoeroticism, imzadi, imzadis, iron chef, joan of arc, jodi picoult, journalism, knitting, left-wing politics, liberalism, libraries, library science, lifetime movies, literature, lord of the rings, mad tea parties, martha kent's apple pie, mashed potatoes, middle english, mina loy, miniature tea sets, modernism, murder by numbers, my boyfriend, my imzadi, my right to choose, my so-called life, natural birth, omnisexuality, online journalling, oscar wilde, other people's business, other people's lives, oz, pacifism, pansexuality, paris/torres/kim, parturition, picture books, pillow book, placebo, political science, pompeii, poppy z. brite, popslash, pretty boys, pretty things, pro-choice, public librarianship, queer as folk, reader's advisory, reading, regular ol' journalling, riker/troi, rose-colored glasses, rps, sappho, sarah mclachlan, savage garden, scars, serial killers, sexual health, shades of gray, slash, smallville, solitude, spectating, star trek: tng, star trek: voyager, star wars, stephenie meyer, story hours, story programs, stupid dating shows, swedish fish, swimming, the backstreet boys, the brat pack, the hours, the idea of cooking, the kiss, the sphinx, tulips, twilight, vaguely coffee-flavored beverages, velvet goldmine, water for elephants, windows, women's reproductive rights, writing, written on the body, xena: warrior princess, young wesley crusher


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